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Com/avplan/avplan-user-manual Australian users upgrading from a different EFB platform, tap here to view the Ultra-Quick Guide. AvPlan EFB extends the electronic flight bag concept into something that is in a league of its own – the Electronic Flight Plan. How do I change or reset password?

What&39;s New in OzRunways 10 With dozens of major and minor improvements, OzRunways 10 is the best looking and easiest to use version ever. About Avplan Trip Support. Getting started with AvPlan EFB.

How do I access ERSA (FAC) pages? It combines all the charts we need, approach plates, weather and NOTAMs all in a single package,” Walley said. How do I clear them? I have strange lines on my maps/plates. The Electronic Flight Bag Navigator (EFB Navigator) is an accurate, efficient and integrated system that allows the user to navigate aircraft flight manuals and documents through a specialized interface. How do I download the PCA chart for Australia?

AvPlan EFB User Manual. Fixes can be added in flight, again just like noting down a fix on a paper chart. Featuring the most advanced and feature-packed air traffic map for virtual online traffic on. The first electronic flight bag for iOS has arrived! “AvPlan EFB gives us unrivalled situational awareness in the cockpit.

Requirements and preferences change. This version includes: - Flight planning / electronic flight avplan efb user manual log - Winds aloft - E6B calculations - Notepad notes sync. These maps become more detailed as they zoom in, automatically switching from a WAC view to a VNC to a VTC view (in the case of the MegaVFR). How do I set it up? AvPlan EFB allows you to perform all pre-flight planning activities including: Download and save copies of all aviation maps and aerodrome documents. Maps can be rotated to suit any orientation – just like a paper chart.

Forgot your email or password? That is why we don&39;t charge you extra to attach an ADSB receiver to AvPlan EFB, and work to support every device on the market (except Garmin, but that isn&39;t up to us unfortunately). Welcome to the initial release of AvPlan EFB for Android tablets and phones. To clear the Submitted/Not Submitted flag for a flight plan within AvPlan, go through the clear times process:. 2 Getting’AvPlan,’licensing! How can I sign out from an old device? At AvPlan EFB we put safety of all pilots ahead of commercials. Create your first flight plan with AvPlan EFB.

The primary advantages are weight reduction, indexing, and time reduction for updates. An electronic version of printed documentation provides many advantages. 6 Direct To Navigation AvPlan supports direct-to navigation. How do I view my track flown after the flight? See all 17 articles.

AvPlan EFB combines all Australian charts into three seamless maps: • MegaVFR, • En Route Lo, and • En Route Hi maps. Can AvPlan EFB automatically download data updates? AvPlan Lite Android User Manual. “We can plan a flight quickly, brief, file it and then be airborne in minutes. and manuals can be. Download AvPlan EFB and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. User Manual (iOS) — 7.

Continuing to lead the market with unparalleled innovation and functionality, AvPlan features multiple firsts with terrain warning, touch to display restricted airspace status, automatic IFR airway planning and geo-referenced airport taxi & instrument approach diagrams to arm you with superior. The relative position of the Electronic Flight Log (flight plan) can be altered, depending on how you want to set. 9 AvPlan User Manual 3. On top of these maps you can selectively overlay many other features. If you tap and hold on a leg in the plan, the option to track direct to a point will appear. If you wish to track direct to any point, tap near that point on the map and the. This version includes: - Flight planning / electronic flight log - Winds aloft - E6B calculations - Notepad notes sync across devices - Graphical Area Forecasts for Aus and NZ - Active airspace overlay - Voice annunciations - Interactive user manual - Responsive phone layout. Otherwise, avplan efb user manual visit our User Manuals page on our website to download PDF versions of our Quick Start Guides and User Manuals.

NAIPS Troubleshooting. 777 EFB AvPlan EFB. Continuing to lead the market with unparalleled innovation and functionality, AvPlan EFB features multiple firsts with terrain warning, automatic IFR airway planning and geo-referenced airport taxi & instrument approach avplan efb user manual diagrams to arm you with superior situational awareness. Avplan Trip Support’s flexibility allows us to personalize trip planning to meet your specific needs. 903 views; 2 years ago; 1:11:31.

A magenta line will appear from your present position efb to that waypoint in the plan. These are then available to use when there is intermittent/no network access. Table of Contents. A decade of flight brings OzRunways EFB to version 10 and makes it better looking and easier to use than ever before. How do I download data for just a small area?

Prepare a flight plan, download and incorporate winds and then submit the plan via IFIS and/or NAIPS. Every operation – and every trip – is different. From local VFR recreational aviation through to professional part 135 charter and global airline operations, the AvPlan Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has been designed to simplify your flying by using the portability, e ffortlessness and processing capability of your iPhone™ or iPad™.

AvPlan EFB features a flexible display layout. This occurs when AvPlan thinks that the plan has already been submitted and is trying to send an update message to NAIPS, rather than a brand-new flight plan. This can be downloaded and imported into iBooks. Which iPad model is best for AvPlan EFB? AvPlan EFB incorporates the functionality to sync your plans and aircraft between your various Apple devices. AvPlan Lite (Android) User Manual.

Introduction to AvPlan EFB for Australian pilots - Duration: 1 hour, 11 minutes. Unfamiliar locations are added to an existing itinerary. I take two of the most popular EFBs in Australia - OzRunways and AvPlan EFB - and. Electronic Flight Bag is defined as a physical device that contains an electronic representation of printed documentation that pilots must have when they fly.

The plan may have been altered or deleted directly on the NAIPS website. How do I get AvPlan EFB onto a new device? Download the AvPlan Lite – Android User Manual (version 2. User Manual (iOS).

I just bought a new iPad/iPhone. ‎** Winner, Australian Aerospace Ltd Civil Innovation Award ** ** Approved by CASA under CASR part 175 ** Get flying faster with AvPlan EFB - the premier lifetime Electronic Flight Bag app that grows with you. Electronic flight bags (EFBs) are really common nowadays but which is best?

How do I check the version of AvPlan EFB I&39;m running? Get flying faster with AvPlan EFB - the premier lifetime Electronic Flight Bag that grows with you. Regulations are updated. Additionally, we agree on the use of ADSB receivers to enhance safety. First Steps with AvPlan EFB.

Seattle Avionics, Inc. We use AvPlan EFB on every flight, VFR or IFR. AvPlan EFB User Manual. User Manual (iOS) 7. A comprehensive user manual for AvPlan EFB is also available.

Get more from AvPlan EFB for Australian pilots - Duration: 1 hour, 19 minutes.

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