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SSL 4000E Mixer: SSL 4000E Input amplifiers - early version, 19E Input amplifiers - recent version SSL 4000E Quad ssl 4000 vca manual ssl VCA, inserts, Compressor time constants SSL 4000E Bus compressor time constants, quad fader, autofade SSL 4000E talkback compressor Neotek Elite Mixer: Input channel "A" board Input channel "B" board Mixbus amplifiers Aux. RARE Solid State Logic console manual. The SB4000 is a stereo buss compressor based on Gyraf’s GSSL.

Introduction The unique sound of Solid State Logic 4000 Series analogue mixing consoles is sought after worldwide. In crafting the new SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection, UA’s team of engineers dug deep into the SSL 4000 E hardware, faithfully modeling the original preamp’s Jensen input transformers and dbx "gold-can" VCA output section. version Sun PCI Crypto AcceleratorBase-T FCode 12. SSL E-Channel & G-Channel User Manual 3 1. Based on the renowned master buss center compressor of the SSL 4000 ssl 4000 vca manual G console, the Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor captures the unique sound of the original’s IC input and twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design. The SB4000 incorporates many of the mods that have been developed for the Gyraf’s clone, making it a “next generation” GSSL.

It is comprised of an optical compressor and a VCA compressor in series. or just similarly to a VCA group. Real analogue enhancement inspired by SSL 4000 series (4K) console. But it has a nice moving coil meter at least.

SSL has a history of innovation in analogue electronics and console design. 13 02/10/31 phy-type mif board-modelmodel SUNW,pci-vca fcode-rom-offsetmhz-capable fast-back-to-back devsel-speedclass-code. It does one job, and it does it well. 1-channel EQ 500 series, SSL 4000 E Series circuit, "Black-242" and "Brown-02" twin EQ design, Versatile 4 Band Channel EQ, Bell curve option for HF and LF, Fully parametric LMF and HMF with Q, Is based on the classic 611E Console Channel Strip,.

About this Manual Thank you for purchasing and using the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E. This classic console was sold with one of the best integrated mix automation systems. Plugin Manual bx_console SSL 4000 G is part of the growing line of Brainworx TMT console emulation plugins. SSL-founder Colin Sanders then developed it into the 4000 B-Series of which a handf ul were made, one of them recorded Phil Collins „In The Air Tonight“-drums at Townhouse Studios in London. This beast of a plugin is based on a beast of a hardware unit that carries the same name.

This manual is written for system technicians who are responsible for troubleshooting, upgrading, and repairing this storage system. This makes the SA4000 MK2 the only bus compressor in the world to faithfully replicate the inner circuit of the original desk. To faithfully recreate the extraordinary SSL sound, Waves engineers spent more than a year analyzing and modeling the distinctive sonic characteristics of SL 4000 factory reference consoles and components provided by Solid State Logic. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor by Universal Audio – 9.

Developed by Brainworx in close partnership with Solid State Logic® and distributed by Plugin Alliance. The Solid State Logic SL 4000 G Series is the world&39;s most successful studio production console. Fig 2 The Waves SSL 4000 Collection. There are also many clones with Turbo board and HPF/Sidechain mod. The SSL computer allowed for an auto-fade which tapered out the signal over a period of 1-60 seconds. And sorry, this design is absolutely free from tubes and transformers.

The Universal Audio model captures the exact taper of that fade. 2 Video Content Analyses (VCA) 72 10. New Listing Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000. The SSL Clone The SSL Clone The SSL Mixbus Compressor CloneThis is a design I did way back in my early years, so you&39;ll have to bear with the ugly pcb layouts.

Plugin Manual bx_console SSL 4000 E is part of the growing line of Brainworx TMT console emulation plugins. THD-LABS creates audio tools empowering you to attain an unprecedented level. SSL first experimented with a protoype „A-Series“ console in the mid 70s – (two were made). SL 4000 G Series music mixer pdf manual download. The FG Grey is modeled after the classic SSL 4000 buss compressor. View and Download Solid State Logic SL 4000 G Series operator&39;s manual online. Re: SSL 4000 E VCA Group Faders Problem (computer removed console) « Reply 1 on: Septem, 11:38:02 AM » Not a direct reply to your question but, from memory, to bypass the computer you unplug the ribbon cables to each fader and plug in a blanking plug with a looped ribbon. Table of contents.

Let&39;s take a look at them, starting with the channel strips. 11 Auto-connect 71 10. Waves SSL 4000 Collection Native Bundle for PC & Mac, Windows, OSX, and Linux. Whether it be the sound of our classic EQ &39;242&39; and &39;292&39; EQ circuits, the punch of the legendary SSL G-Series Bus Compressor or the incredible bandwidth and sonic accuracy of our ground-breaking SuperAnalogue designed mic amps and consoles, we&39;re. The Automation computer of the older SSL 4000, 60 desks can now be replaced by their Tangerine VCA Automation Interface. Designed for the world-renowned SSL® 4000/6000/8000 series analog audio consoles, it supports both VCA and Ultimation boards. Engineers of pop and rock music, broadcast transmissions and television post-production value the SSL 4000’s flexible dynamics chain as much as the trademark SSL “punchy” sound. Based on the renowned master bus center compressor of the SSL 4000 G console, the SSL G Bus Compressor excels at making mixes bigger, more powerful, and punchy, while also enhancing cohesion and clarity.

The original design in the SSL 4000 console, utilizing these VCA elements, even when modernized was a classic stereo compressor, with stereo-only and fairly basic controls. Console 1 audio mixer. People are saying with those DBX VCA&39;s compressor is sounding more dirty, and with THATbeing more clean and transparent. There are several GSSL 4000 clone types out there, some with ssl 4000 vca manual THATsome with DBX 202 black or gold cans. The Vintage VCA model emulates the legendary SSL G Bus Compressor. This document provides a brief overview of.

Re: SSL 4000 G+ Service Manual « Reply 4 on:, 02:59:41 PM ssl 4000 vca manual » I&39;ve scanned Computer and Ultimation manuals allready but haven&39;t had time to compile them to nice pdf file yet. VCA AUTOMATION INTERFACE FOR SSL® 4000/6000/8000 Watch video. To install only the optional packages that provide the SSL support for Apache Web Server and the Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 online manual pages, type the following: cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Packages pkgadd -d. this thing is no joke) for three solid days, I have to say the new AWS-948 has to be the most enticing and revolutionary console since the 4000 series came to the market. The 4000 E-Channel & G-Channel. Master Studio System. At the heart of the SA4000 MK2 are two Stam Audio SA-202C VCA cans, which are fully discrete and identical replicas of the original DBX 202C gold cans found on the original vintage SSL consoles.

More details on our patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modling Technology) inside this manual. SOLID STATE LOGIC 4000 SERIES VCA OVERLOAD CF82E13 CARD, DBX. The DYN4000 replicates this very well, and is particularly effective in tandem with the simple gate/ expander, which makes it easy to &39;tidy up&39; compressed sounds. The SSL 4000 Series is famous as the console series employed on more Platinum-selling records than any other. After having spoken with SSL and dived into the manual (250 pages! SSL SL 4000 E music mixer pdf manual download.

The SSL was radically different from anything that had gone before. DBX 202c "Gold can" VCA element as featured in our interpretation of the SSL 4K buss compressor. 10 SSL encryption 71 10. The SSL 4000 compressor is an auto gain make-up VCA-based design that does an extraordinarily good job of shaping drums, guitars, bass and vocals. The SSL SL 4000 G+ is a totally integrated single operator studio system, employing an advanced in-line format with extensive signal processing and routing facilities. The SSL Bus Compressor is unique in that it originated as part of the console, and not a stand-alone device. View and Download Softube SSL SL 4000 E user manual online.

This 2U rack mount unit replaces the outdated 16U SSL automation computer that was hard to maintain, impossible to find media for and cost a small fortune to run. The four plug-ins in the Waves SSL 4000 bundle are faithful recreations of the originals, down to the last detail. Its reputation is built upon SSL&39;s design excellence, advanced electronic engineering and a sound quality that has produced hundreds of best selling recordings. Operational refinements include remote track arming, and a computer built on proprietary technology, providing tape transport control, together with comprehensive session management and sophisticated mix autom.

The compressor circuit was actually part of the VCA master fader itself. THE AUDIO TOOLS you NEED! With its wide range of VCA compression characteristics and intuitive EQs — rich with colorful band interdependencies — it&39;s easy to hear why. Every channel had its own compressor and noise gate, and the centre panel that housed the VDU and QWERTY keyboard enabled you to take a snapshot of the desk to be recalled at a later stage, by carefully matching the settings on the desk to those stored on the eight-inch floppy disks that were used by the first E series computers. The originals were responsible for the sound of countless recordings, with their distinctive EQ and dynamics sections lending that “sheen” that defined the sound of pop and rock tracks in the ’80s and ’90s. View and Download Solid State Logic SL 4000 G Series operator&39;s manual online.

Ssl 4000 vca manual

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